Fitz Park was opened in 1882 and although it is assumed two bowling greens were laid, but there is no documentary evidence. Until quite recently there were two separate club’s in the park. Fitz Park Number 1 Club and Greta Side (next to the river) on green number 2. Both Club’s were admitted to the Cumbrian Bowls Association in 1930.


By the late 1960’s the membership of both had dwindled to around 25 each. As a sign of the times, the AGM of Number 1 Club in 1970 was attended by seven! In 1972 a single Club was formed, the Fitz Park Bowling Club, with a newly drawn up constitution in 1973.


In 1947 Mr & Mrs W Dennis Wivell presented to Greta Side number 2 green, a solid silver cup with plinth to be presented each year to the winner of the Club’s single competition . The cup was called the ‘Ladstock’ cup, because Mr & Mrs Wivell lived at propertycalled ‘Ladstock’ Thornthwaite, Keswick. They were also the former proprietor’s of The Keswick Hotel. The cup was played for every year, but the cup went missing in 1959.


In November 2019 a gentleman from Workington whose hobby was visiting auction rooms around the north west, bought a box of silver at Lancaster Auctions and in the box he found the ‘Ladstock Cup. The Club bought the cup off him and the Club will now play for it again this year. On the plinth it has the winner’s from 1947 to 1959, all well known Keswick residents.

The Ladstock Cup